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Faith’s Parish Planning Council (PPC) is pleased to announce that $30,000 was identified as income from Faith’s Endowment Fund that can be used by ministry teams and other congregational entities in 2021 to support new ministry opportunities outside of Faith’s regular operating budget.

Seventeen applications for Endowment funds were submitted to the PPC this year, totaling $56,288.

The awards were evenly distributed this year between three categories: ministries here at Faith, in the LCMS at large, and within our community.  God has truly blessed us and we are the stewards of His gifts. Thanks be to God!


Faith Congregation  ($10,000)

$200  Nativity Scene maintenance / update outdoor décor

$300  Devotion Books / A Year with the Church Fathers

$1000  Event Tent / long term multiple use

$1000  FLY: Faith Lutheran Youth / replace broken furniture in youth room

$2000  Outdoor Security

$2000  Children’s Ministry update / replace boards and furniture

$3500  Worship Streaming / cameras, etc

(Light poles outside / light up driveway)

(Guiding Statement / banners and signs)


LCMS-related  ($10,000)

$3000  Lakeview Ministries / “Weathering the Storm”

$3000  Seminary support / St. Louis and Ft. Wayne

$4000  Missionary support / 4 Faith-connected missionaries

(Hoech missionary support) – included above


Community-at-large  ($10,000)

$500  Hannah House / resident support

$2000  Lutheran Church Charities / Texas storm relief

$2000 Pantry 279 / as needed

$5500  Sojourn House / renovate kitchen space


Learn more about Faith’s Endowment Fund.

Contact Congregational Chairman Bill Pfrommer with questions about this year’s awards.