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Important Information on Covid-19 Available Here

THREE Worship Options at Faith

Faith Lutheran Church is following recommendations of the CDC and other national, state, and local health authorities, and continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation.

We are currently offering three worship options. Please read below to determine which option is the best fit for you at this time. We pray that these services are an encouragement to you as we seek to best serve and love our neighbor while maintaining social distance.  Each week, please let us know which way you chose to worship with us via the green button on the home page.

LORD’S SUPPER: alternate Sundays (next date: September 13)

  • For reception of the Supper at the [9 am] Drive-in Service, pull under the vestibule and lower the driver’s side window.
  • If you have hand sanitizer, we invite you to use it prior to and after reception of the Body and Blood.
  • The pastors will alternate cars for distribution, providing time to sanitize hands prior to and after serving each car. They will be wearing masks starting with the consecration of the elements and all throughout distribution.
  • If you choose simply to depart in peace as you serve the Lord, please exit through the lane outside of the vestibule, as we have done on previous Sundays.
  • See the protocol and procedures for the [5 pm] service in the sanctuary HERE.


For pastoral care, please contact Pastor Edwards or Pastor Beck by phone or email. Continue to pray for us, as we pray for you.


We use the Lutheran Service Book (2006) for our worship, and rotate through various settings of the Divine Service and Daily Office. Recordings of the liturgy settings are available here. A list of the upcoming hymns with links to assorted recordings is available as an Excel file or a Google document (for Apple and other devices).


(under normal conditions)

Senior Choir

Open to anyone in high school and older, the Senior Choir sings weekly for the Divine Service, following the communion service schedule. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm in the sanctuary.

Junior Choir

For children in grades three through eight, this choir combines the Kodály Concept with the Royal School of Church Music’s Voice for Life program to continue the musical development begun in Preparatory Choir. Choir members grow spiritually as they develop an understanding of the texts they sing and are instructed in the meaning of the liturgy. The Junior Choir sings approximately twice a month and for special services, sometimes joining the Senior Choir.

Preparatory Choir

For children in kindergarten through second grade, this choir uses the Kodály Concept to develop basic musicianship through singing the hymns of the church and occasional anthems. The Preparatory Choir sings approximately once a month, sometimes joining the Junior Choir.

Christmas Choir

Composed of members of the regular choirs and additional volunteers, this ensemble sings for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services. Sectionals and full rehearsals are coordinated on a week-to-week basis during December.


Instrumentalists with at least two years experience are encouraged to play in worship. Brass ensembles are often organized for major feast days.


Rehearsing on an “as needed” basis, handbells support worship by accompanying the choir or liturgy.

Symphonic Bells of Bloomington (SBB)

Faith Lutheran is proud to host this advanced community handbell ensemble. SBB is committed to promoting the art of English handbell ringing through performance, education, and community outreach. For more information on joining the ensemble or upcoming performances, visit

Our Instruments

The Organ: Reuter Organ Company, Opus 2145 (1991), two-manual, nineteen ranks

The Piano: Wurlitzer Baby Grand

The Harpsichord: Zuckerman single manual with walnut case, assembled by and on-loan from member Fred Barsun

Bells: Four-and-a-half octaves of Malmark handbells and three octaves of tone chimes

Our Cantors

Dr. Priscilla Weaver Gabriel (2015-present)

Robert Cruz (2010-2015)

Julie Potts Grindle (1992-1995; 2002-2010)

Elizabeth Waldon (1999-2002)

Chris Loemker (1996-1999)

Wendy Markosky (1995-1996)

Faythe Freese (1986-1988; 1989-1992)

Sharon Follingstad (1986-1988)

Wayne Peterson (1985-1986)

Dr. Milton Martin (1963-1985)